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How big is the toxicity of Cheap Marlboro cigarettes?

We all know that cigarettes are poisonous, has a great deal of harm to the body, but many people do not know how much harm it because people who smoke, smoking discount Marlboro Cigarettes every day, live well every day, only in toxic accumulated to a certain extent, will produce great harm to the body. So this kind of slow-acting poison, a lot of people disagree.I think, only to let them see the real extent of the harm cigarettes, they can alert. Now let us look at a process of experimentation, so you will know the extent of the harm Marlboro cigarettes.

In an elementary school classroom, students gathered together and watched the teacher make the experiment, then what are you doing? Today, the teacher do the experiment is to detect the toxicity of cigarettes is how much.First of all, the teachers from the balcony brought a cup full of clear glass of tap water, then the teacher from the cigarette case out four Marlboro cigarettes, and then stripped off the smoke outside wrapping paper, and the inside of the tobacco into the water, finally through a straw gently stirring, water immediately slowly turn yellow, until the water turns brown. We carefully looked at the teacher's every move, the eyes are not dare to blink. For fear of missing which one of the most important link. Teachers give out small goldfish in a fishing net, fit into the tobacco in water. Goldfish initially very happy, Goldfish initially very happy, and feel Themselves to a better environment, free to go swimming.After a child, we feel small goldfish dying, it's panic, the head has been down,swim along the wall of the cup, as if looking for a safe exit. We sent a sigh, after a few minutes, small goldfish floating to the surface, belly turned out, when we realized how harmful wholesale Marlboro cigarettes. And true only to see such direct harm, you can be more deeply aware of the harm of cigarettes.Living the life of this small goldfish and it was poisoned, you are not a very deep feeling it? You see this scene, you will want to continue to smoke? Toxicity of cigarettes, are you afraid of it? I believe many people see this scene will be afraid of it.

You have to think about it, only four cigarettes can poison a small goldfish, this is how terrible things , but a lot of people every day smoke a pack or two packs of Marlboro lights cigarettes, so how their lungs are all black?. Moreover, according to global statistics, the number of deaths each year due to smoking reach 500-600 million, an average every six seconds a person will die because of smoking. I appeal: "Great people, please cherish life, away from Marlboro cigarettes." Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes harm us an insight into, and we have to be very focused on this serious problem, only in mind, to be able to push myself better quit.Only control themselves, to a better life!